The Pain Management Field

Pain Management & Nursing EducationCurrently, pain assessment and management is at the crux of a conversation dominating the healthcare sector and has grown to global proportions as one of today’s most salient healthcare issues. Pain management is a pivotal component of responsible and compassionate healthcare, both globally and at the patient level. Pain affects our populations through a number of facets ranging from neonatal perioperative pain through to palliative care. Competent caregivers and credible providers know they must work to achieve the highest of standards as they are accountable to patients, family members, and regulating agencies.

Recent research has driven pain management technology to a new level, one promoting a comprehensive approach. This new age demands a meshing of cutting-edge research and practice to deliver highly knowledgeable, versatile, and dynamic professionals capable of providing the best care possible. Uniquely, pain management can be a specialization, as well as, is apposite for all nurses.